Revista ReDIVA nr. III / 2015



  • Petru Ciocani, Andrea Jozsa, Discontinuity in the archaeological research: Neolithic and Eneolithic sites in the surroundings of Dudeştii Vechi
  • Laura-Simona Draşovean, Small lithic assemblages from the Bronze Age tell Pecica-Şanţul Mare (2008-2011 campaigns)
  • Raluca-Eliza Bătrînoiu, The dynamics of habitation in Wallachia during he 4th – 1st centuries BC
  • Aurora Peţan, Another unknown stone structure in Sarmizegetusa Regia’s sacred zone recorded in writings of the 19th century
  • Csaba Szabó, Placing the Gods. Sanctuaries and sacralized spaces in the settlements of Apulum



  • Nicholas Márquez-Grant, Linda Fibiger (Editors), The Routledge Handbook of Archaeological Human Remains and Legislation, 2011 (Kathryn Grow Allen)
  • Julietta Steinhauer, Religious Associations in the Post-Classical Polis, 2014 (Csaba Szabó)
  • Radu Harhoiu, Daniel Spânu, Erwin Gáll, Barbari la Dunăre [Barbarians at the Danube], 2011 (Sergiu-Gabriel Enache)