International Round Table

Dacia, Sarmizegetusa and Rome

Archaeological and historical research between legend, ideology and scientific reality


În perioada 9-12 mai 2019 s-a desfășurat la Alun (jud. Hunedoara), la sediul Fundației Dacica masa rotundă internațională cu tema ”Dacia, Sarmizegetusa and Rome: archaeological and historical research between legend, ideology and scientific reality”.

Evenimentul a fost organizat de Universitatea Alpen-Adria din Klagenfurt, Institutul de Arheologie al Academiei Române – Iași și Centrul de Studii al Fundației Dacica.

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International Round Table



June 14th

– Arrival of the participants
– 19.00: Welcome dinner

June 15th

– 8.00:Breakfast

1st session: Material culture and new challenges

– 9.00: Addresses of welcome: Karl Strobel, Alexander Rubel, Aurora Pețan
– 9.15: Karl Strobel, Introduction: The Pseudo-Ethnos of the Dacians – a Roman Invention
– 9.45: Valeriu Sîrbu, Originality of the Northern Thracians/Getae Art (4th – 3rd c. BC)

– 10.30-10.45: Coffee break

– 10.45: Cristinel Plantos: Craiva – „Piatra Craivii”. The Chronology of a Late Latène Period Power Center, Between Archaeological Evidence and Historiographical Obsessions
– 11.30: Cristian Schuster, Fortifications (Dava), secondary settlements and roads during the Getae in western and central Wallachia
– 12.15: Daniel Spânu, Methodological Stumblings and Archaeological Meanings: The FirstCentury A.D. Tumuli at Poiana

– 13.00: Lunch

– 14.30: Emilian Teleagă, Am Vorabend der Romanisierung im Bereich des Eisernen Tores: die Nekropolen aus Desa
– 15.15: Constantin Augustus Bărbulescu, Archaeological discoveries from Ocnița, Vâlcea County in the context of the researches dedicated to Dacian civilization
– 16.00-16.15: Coffee break
– 16.15:Coriolan H. Opreanu, The enigmatic architecture at Sarmizegetusa Regia. Profane vs. holy destination
– 17.00: Karl Strobel, Sarmizegetusa and the Regia of Decebalus: The Orăştie Mountains between National Archaeological Myth and the Reality of Archaeological Knowledge
– 17.45: Iosif Vasile Ferencz, Cristian Constantin Roman, About the houses of the Dacian nobles. The stage of researches on the tower house at Ardeu
– 18.30: Discussions and chill out
– 19.15: Dinner

June 16th

– 8.15: Breakfast

2nd session: Ideologies and Politics

– 9.00: Alexandru Niculescu, Saving the Dacians from our present
– 9.45: Alexander Rubel, Dacian Blood. The idea of autochthonous origins in intellectual and radical discourses in Romania between the Wars and its echoes today

– 10.30-10.45: Coffee break

– 10.45: Cătălin N. Popa, Adopting the past, adopting identities. How Romanians embraced their Dacian ancestors
– 11.15: Alexandru Popa, ‘Free Dacians‘ east of Roman Dacia: A periodic phantasmagoria in protohistoric archaeology
– 12.00: Alexandru Berzovan, Dacian archaeology between truth and imposture. A few considerations and possible solutions
– 12.45: Aurora Peţan, The Austrian excavations at Grădiștea Muncelului in 1803-1804 and their impact on the archaeological evidence

– 13.30: Lunch

– 14.30: Visit to Grădiştea de Munte and Costeşti (also Costeşti Deal – Prisaca)
– 19.00: Final Considerations

– 20.00: Dinner and Barbecue

June 17th

– 8.30: Breakfast
– 9.30: Visit to Piatra Roşie dacian fortress
– After 11.00: Thanks and Farewell


Prof. Dr. Karl Strobel
Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt
Chair of Ancient History and Archaeology
Universitätsstraße 65-67
9020 Klagenfurt, Austria

Prof. Dr. Alexander Rubel
Institutul de Arheologie al Academiei Romane Iasi
Strada Codrescu 6, (Pavilion H)
700749 Iasi, Romania