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Interpretation Centre of Dacian Heritage

Duration: 2015-2018

Scientific coordinator: Aurora Pețan

Implementation coordinator: Marian Coman


The Interpretation Centre Of Dacian Heritageis an institution for dissemination of knowledge about Dacian cultural heritage, a new-style museum, associated with a visitor centre and located in connection to the archaeological and natural site of Piatra Roșie.â

It would illustrate the history and current results of modern research of the Dacian Fortresses in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The information will be provided through architectural models of these monuments, 3D reconstructions, replicas of pieces found during the excavations, projections etc. Furthermore the Centre will have an extension into virtual space as a site to centralize the existing information up to date. The Centre will contribute to a better understanding and to facilitate public access to information on archaeological and natural heritage in the area of the Dacian fortresses.



- Details soon -